Monday, 4 April 2011

DATA MINING RESEARCH reviews Data Mining Techniques in CRM

DATA MINING RESEARCH recently (18 March 2011) reviewed our book "Data Mining Techniques in CRM". Here is a review excerpt:
"I recently finished reading Data Mining Techniques in CRM: Inside Customer Segmentation. It is a very didactic book written by Tsiptsis and Chorianopoulos. The authors did a very good job in vulgarizing data mining concepts for the reader. That means nearly no formula. But don’t misunderstand me, this is not a book only for beginner. Some deep concepts of data mining are presented. The only particularity is that everything is explained with words and pictures. I really appreciated the approach taken by the authors.
The first part of the book explains data mining concepts. Techniques such as clustering, PCA (Principal Component Analysis) and decision trees are introduced. Since clustering is the most used technique in CRM (Customer Relationship Management), it has a particular focus from the authors. Specific topics such as evaluating the clustering results or profiling are discussed. A very interesting chapter is the one showing examples of data marts in CRM applications (retailers, telco and retail banking).
The second part of the book focuses on CRM applications such as segmentation, cross/up-selling, churn, etc. Full chapters are devoted to customer segmentation in banking, retail and telco. These chapters really give detailed information for such projects (data to consider, aggregations, important factors, result interpretation, etc.). It is clear that the authors have a strong experience in CRM.
To conclude, this is an excellent book for any data miner or anybody involved in CRM. The text is clear and pictures are well done (and funny which is rare enough to be mentioned). From basic to advanced topics, the book is a very pleasant journey inside data mining with a clear focus on customer segmentation. Really advised if you’re not a fan of formulas"
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