Wednesday, 13 January 2010


A book that bridges the gap between the technology and its use in high-value marketing applications

“Many marketers hear that data mining is a valuable tool, but may not know where to start or how to apply it to their business. This book bridges the gap between the technology and its use in high-value marketing applications. Not only are the techniques of data mining explained (in ways accessible to mere mortals, not just PhD statisticians), Chorianopoulos and Tsiptsis guide marketers in banking, retail, and telecommunications through the steps of assembling the right data, analyzing it to identify actionable segments, and using this insight to drive successful marketing activities.

The book is packed with guidance and tips that will “jump start” marketing applications – a great benefit to any company looking to move its marketing to the next level.”

-Colin Shearer, Senior Vice President Strategic Analytics, SPSS an IBM Company.


A pragmatic, hands-on approach

A holistic customer behaviour & attitude analysis to support decision makers. It is the `Bible' for marketers who need to build a deeper insight and plan accordingly their actions per customer segment, building profitable customer relationships. I truly recommend using it in your business.

-Efi Kassouri, IT/ Release Management Senior Professional, Vodafone

Strongly recommended for CRM/ BI professionals

“Data Mining Techniques in CRM by Tsiptsis & Chorianopoulos is a must-read for modern, customer-centric corporation analysts. A remarkable reference on Data mining for Customer Segmentation, presenting methodologies, data mining best practices, along with real-world marketing applications across several industries. The practical orientation of the book is achieved through numerous data models and suitable how-to guidance.

Business analysts, marketers, information architects, business intelligence engineers will all find invaluable material presented in a stepwise, user-friendly approach. For both practicing analysts and experienced professionals this book will enrich the options towards a sophisticated customer intelligence framework.”

-George Krasadakis, Managing Director, Datamine decision support systems


An A to Z guide for applied Data Mining and BI

“This is a book for professionals who want a lift to the next level. The authors share on a noble scale their professional and academic experience, analyzing methodologies and giving tips which a lot of Data Mining experts ignore or keep carefully hidden.

It is also remarkable that they cross the usual Data Mining boundaries, describing the full view of BI implementations and defining the modern data miner as a BI expert.”
-George Goudelis, CRM & Customer Intelligence Manager, Eurobank EFG

An excellent data dictionary for data mining projects

“All chapters are very good but especially the `mining data mart' is exceptional. I can really use this book as a guide for data mining projects. The starting point which is `what data should I need' is fully covered by this book.”
-Dr. Nikos Bogris, Business Planing & Strategy Manager, Open 24 S.A.