Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Data Mining Techniques in CRM. Inside Customer Segmentation

Finally a real handbook for the application of data mining techniques in marketing and customer relationship management. This is not another academic textbook  on data mining. It goes beyond a simple explanation of the algorithms. It presents data mining in action. It's a step by step guide presenting a  methodology that works, data mining best practices and real-world marketing applications across several industries.

It answers the crucial question of 'what data to use' by proposing mining data marts and full lists of informative input fields for Banking, Telecommunications and Retail.

Methodological and technical issues are covered in detail but also in a user friendly for the common marketer with hints, tips and tricks.

Real-world data mining examples are presented in detail, demystifying the use of data mining techniques and clarifying all the methodological issues. Examples cover the whole process of the implementation and include the use of leader Data Mining software IBM SPSS MODELER (formerly SPSS CLEMENTINE).

It focuses on the deployment of the results and proposes ways for using them in order to optimize the marketing strategies of an organization.

The authors share their technical and business domain knowledge, revealing for the first time the secrets that many data mining practicioners ignore or try to keep secret.

Click below to watch a slideshow with selected illustrations.